Cleaning Supplies

Ozark Vacuum carries a variety of cleaning agents for your entire house not just your carpet or floors. We are very happy to carry the HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning machine which you may rent to clean your carpets. We also carry the well known FULLER BRUSH products from brushes to cleansers. They still have the quality we demand for our customers. We have MICRO-FIBER cleaning cloths for most surfaces. If you have never tried micro-fiber it is unbelievable! We have a variety of fragrances and odor removers many of which are all natural, or American Made products. We stock a variety of commercial floor chemicals, as well as pads for the commercial floor machines. Need a Commercial or residential type dust mop, wet mop or lambswool or feather duster, let us show you what we have. Check below for a few of our most popular products.

*Product is eco-friendly
*Product is American made

Natural odor neutralizer. Let nature clear the air. Fresh Wave is a natural odor solution that's safe to use around people and pets. Fresh Wave products effectively neutralize a broad spectrum of odors, from smoke and fish to vacuum exhaust, mildew, musty clothes and more. All Fresh Wave products are made with these simple ingredients; natural extracts of lime, pine needles, ainseed, clove, cedar wood and soya. We carry a variety of the Fresh Wave products and use them personally. We can highly recommend them!

Also referred to as SOE, it is a combination of all natural, non- toxic, organic ingredients for the treatment of bacterial contaminates that cause odors. This is an excellent odor remover as well, it is not a mask or cover up of odors. again all natural but is sand consistancy, add it to your litter box, put in small open containers and place under the couch, on a book shelf, it will absorb odors but not mask. Works well on pet accidents, smoke odors, mildew, and many other malodors. SOE will remove odors from carpet, drapes, and furniture. It can even remove odors from the carpet pad and concrete or subfloor. SOE is also safe for your vacuum. Comes in a 2 lb. bag and covers appox. 200 sq.ft.

This is same basic product as Super Odor Eliminator yet it will leave a plesant fragrance behind. Use it to remove the contaminants trapped inside your vacuum. Stop in and we can explain some other uses as well. It comes in a variety of flavors to choose from, Cin-aroma, Crisp-&-Clean,Citrus Burst, Clean Fling, For-Ever-Green, Fresh Breeze, Herbal Refresh, Lavender Hills, Mulberry Splash, Naturally Clean, Vanilla Bean Clean.

odor eliminator will make your vacuum into a scent diffuser. Enjoy the power of the bold and definitive fragrance while removing odors at its source. There is a large variety of scents to choose from. There are many other uses for Fragrant Scent as well. We put a free sample in each vacuum when we repair or service it for you so you can try it for yourself. We hope it makes vacuuming a pleasant experience!

They were created to attack offensive household odors. Hand poured in Texas, these soy and vegetable-based candles produce less soot than regular candles. They have a 30 percent longer burn time and use lead free cotton-only wicks. We carry a variety of sizes and fragrance selection to choose from.

is an excellent spot remover that leaves no residue behind to attract more dirt, no wicking of stains.

We carry a variety of shampoos to work in a variety of sytems. We have KIRBY shampoo in quarts and gallons. We have been very happy with the Kirby shampoo made for most extractors, and pet owners.Oreck shampoo to be used in Regina and Oreck styled units.

We have several of the cleaning products in stock, such as Dissolve bathroom cleaner, Tile & Grout cleaner, Fulsol degreasers,Wood Floor cleaner, Upholstry Cleaner, Spot Remover, as well as the Fuller sponge mop, dust mop, tile and grout brush. We will be expanding the Fuller Brush products we carry in the coming months, or if you want a specific product let us know!

The stone, tile & laminate floor cleaner is Environmentally friendly, GreenGuard certified,Safe and easy to use. Recommended by professionals since 1919. We also have their microfiber mop and cleaning pad plus the dusting pad.

Automatic Odor control and air freshner cabinet and scents.

Gloveables household gloves and oilcloth aprons give a whole new meaning to cleaning.The aprons are made of oilcloth so they have a spillproof finish that keeps stains off your clothes. They have roomy pockets to hold tools, They make great bridal shower gifts. Hairdressers love them as well.

- Perfect for cleaning
- gardening
- washing your car or dishes
- Made of high quality materials

Bayes is one of our newest American made products we are carrying. Cleaning agents that are green and for specific places in your home. We have a leather cleaner, granite cleaner, wood cleaner, cooktop cleaners, just to name a few. I have been trying them out and they work fantastic!

Abby & Sullivan Fragrances for your home, There are reed diffusers, oils, unscented die cuts for your car or closet, fragrance discs for candle warmers. 68 fragrances to choose from, You won't believe how well they work, and smell (check out the chocolate nut brownie fragrance) We are very excited about them.

Begley's Best natural pet stain and odor control. It has a delightfully clean fragrance and cleans pet stains really well! (Rascal tested and approved) You have got to check it out.